GIF Mania

Now that I’m really giffing the hang of this (I had to make that pun, and for that I am truly sorry), I’m trying to practice GIF making techniques as much as possible. I still struggle every time, so the least I can do is work on it a bit every day until I make some sense of it. This most recent GIF was pulled from Ru Paul’s Drag Race finalist Adore Delano’s music video ‘DTF.’ I love the choppiness of the scene, I pulled it straight out of the video like this.

That grungy candy girl!

She just LOVES candy!

I thought this clip had a lot of potential for remixing, so I started looking for some videos of candy to layer in. It’s a lot harder to search for clips like that than it would seem! If you search youtube for “Candy Spill” or “pouring candy” the results will be far from it, I got music videos and how-to guides, all manner of unrelated videos. It took a fair amount of brainstorming before I thought to search for a clip from the History channel’s ‘How It’s Made.’ From there it wasn’t hard to find a good segment of Twizzlers being made. After mashing, blending and layering, I give you my final product:

I mean it, she LOVES candy!

I mean it, she LOVES candy!

I really like how the layering worked. I stylized her face a bit to make it stand out behind the swirling red Twizzlers. I would have liked to go frame by frame and erase out some of the parts that overlap her face, but every time I tried to convert the clip into frame animation in photoshop it would only generate one frame. Alas I am still a n00b.


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