GIF Mania [Part 2]

So now all my spare time is being consumed by my desire to make some *sickening* GIFs. Did I make dinner? No, I was too busy downloading and converting visually interesting youtube videos to satiate my desire to clip and remix them into flashy little tidbits. My latest homage? Die Antwoord’s sassy lyrical response to Lady Gaga’s interest in working with them, ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ (clearly not an acceptance letter).


stay strange South Africa

Now to add some art layering stuff…. In my quest to collect interesting visuals, I stumbled across MIA’s music video Bring the Noise. She rocks some cool hair styles, hits up the most boring club I’ve ever seen and promises fervently to… well … “bring the noise.” It’s not the best video I’ve seen, but I love the color pallet and the symbol that spins behind her in this scene. Over all I thought it a very nice second layer.

Fatty bring the noise?

Fatty bring the noise?


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