Scary Monsters and Pretty Lights

This most recent GIF has posed some issues to create. In the way that technology always seems to keep us on our toes, my track pad has more or less gone insane. The cursor is reluctant to go where directed in favor of erratic jumping across the screen, changing pages and spaces, all the while clicking at random. Suffice it to say, this is quite irritating and has severely limited the amount of time I spend with my computer. Because of that, this GIF is a bit less layered than I would like.
This is a simple frame-grab of a glow-glove dance video I found on youtube. I chose it because I’m very interested in rave culture, particularly all the rainbow glow accessories associated with the scene. It’s a subculture of sensory pleasure (on many levels, disclaimer: I don’t condone all the associated behaviors). I do enjoy some of the music, though my preference is more electronic or industrial than dubstep, but above all I enjoy the light shows. In the spirit of the Goa Trance movement, I find the experience to be relaxing and almost meditative sometimes, watching or dancing these repeated patterns.

I played with layering text over the image, which in the end looked a little dorky (I found this excellent text generator though). Then I tried layering animated text (generated from the same site) over it, which issued some challenges I wasn’t ready to conquer given the state of my computer’s behavior. I made steps towards learning about converting from frame animation to video clips, no success yet but I think I’m coming to understand the difference between the two more clearly in Adobe Photoshop.

I’m hoping to get my computer fixed sometime in the foreseeable future, or this semester is going to be very unhappy. When I do I will alter this GIF further and add it to this post, so it is with hope that I say to be continued….


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