Art Videos for Your Consideration (not video remix)

I’m beginning to compile my video sources for and art video remix project I’ll be posting next week. This will be my first experiment with video work, and I’ve been thinking about it almost non stop for the past few days. Here are a few of my favorite art videos from the band Ok Go. I saw them in Tulsa, Oklahoma a couple summers ago, the circumstances weren’t ideal: it was outdoors and hotter than hell it’s self, also there were a ton of loud annoying drunk people around, but the band was really great. They have some of the most creative music videos, and not just some abstract idea of a music video that parallels the ideas in the song. The band themselves are obviously very closely involved with the project… well you’ll see.

I love the use of color, and the playful feel of this first video. This is probably my favorite of their songs, and the first of their videos I ever watched (that either makes it special to me, or a gateway drug…)

Probably their best known hit, Here It Goes Again. Filmed in one go, you can tell it took a lot of practice and coordination, also a lot of treadmills!

But the cherry on top of this collection of video work, is their music video ‘This Too Shall Pass.’

I can’t watch this one without imagining all the time and effort that went into it. it’s so lovely and well crafted.

Well I’m sure I’ve posted a million more videos than the average person has time for, so I’ll continue my search and report back in due time.


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