Video Remix [1 of 3]

I’ve been exploring google lately looking for interesting video remixes to talk about. I was thinking about it, watching many clips, trying to find something that I feel really embodies the idea of remix. Remix is not just the highlights reel for me, it needs to change the meaning of the ‘borrowed’ film. This isn’t always easy to do, especially when working with iconic film, I found dozens of disney clips flipped and remixed, but they all still said the same thing.

I remembered some years ago, coming across this website that lays subtitles over the 2004 film Downfall. The generator allows anyone to fill in a script which is then spliced over the original footage like this:

This uses the footage as a political commentary on Obamacare. Clearly it suggests that Obamacare is radical or extremist in nature by the presentation.

This one just makes fun of Hitler, as it is revealed to him that Santa doesn’t exist.


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