Video Remix [2 of 3]

One can hardly think of the word remix without thinking about hip hop, therefore it only seems right to feature some hip hop remix videos.

The opening sample “Drop” from which the song takes it’s name, comes from an earlier Beastie Boys track, The New Style. Directed by Spike Jonze It was preformed backwards (they literally worked with linguists to learn to mouth it backwards perfectly) then played backwards. The overall piece conveys a sense of surreality, as you begin to understand the perspective of the video.

A relatively recent player in the mainstream hip hop scene, Iggy Azalea’s music video Black Widow clearly draws upon remix of certain pop culture references. Around one minute into the video she channels her inner femme fatale, in an obvious copy of Tarintino’s Kill Bill (2003). It also clearly draws some strong influences from Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women music video (2000). In my opinion it also references the 2011 blockbuster Suckerpunch. The action story is framed by a rather bleak portrayal of the main character’s reality, and she imagines liberating herself through a fantastic imaginary battle.


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