Third is not really a charm

So here’s another draft of my video.

It’s still lacking some essential scenes and components, which I hope to have shot and edited by this weekend. I ran into some compatibility issues with Premiere (I was working on a newer version, and then started working on an older version and there was no way to open it with that). I re-cut all the video components into their little pieces to manipulate them more effectively, but the audio layers were all mixed and I was unable to remove some effects I dislike. I hope to finish recording the spoken audio tracks (all in one go, for consistency of audio quality) to layer on top, and redo some additional audio from my original tracks.

Over all this project would have gone much more smoothly if I had filmed before Thanksgiving and spent time editing then, however I was unable to do that and I fear the final product will look rough as a result. It’s been a learning experience certainly, layering more complex things than I’ve ever tried to do before. If I had time to work on special effects I think I could be very good.

I’m already planning another video to be shot over the coming summer. My friend has always admired cinema and has a good story board for a post-apocalyptic dystopian horror movie, I’m so excited to collaborate with a large group of interested people.


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